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LucidaTM GS200 ALD

Atomic layer deposition system for surface passivation of c-Si solar cells

LucidaTM GS200 ALD

Lucida GS Series


  • Surface passivation of c-silicon solar cells
  • Applications of R&D
  • High throughput
    : > 500 wafers/hour of 156 x 156㎟ size with 10nm thickness


  • Al2O3 thin films with good thickness uniformity
  • Advanced process kit and small volume chamber for short gas cycle times
  • Extremely materialize ALD mechanism
  • Small foot print
  • Totally integrated process module
  • Easy process control
  • Minimize gas supply line length
  • Cassette to cassette operation

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Substrate Size 156 x 156㎟
Substrate Temperature 25℃ ~ 250 ℃
Precursor Sources TMA,a H2O (O3 optional)
Deposition Uniformity <±2%
Footprint 2375 x 950 mm
Compatibility Clean room class 10000
Control System PLC control with PC user interface (full auto)
Optional O3 generator
More information for application and specification for Lucida™ GS200 ALD

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