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LucidaTM GD Series ALD

High throughput atomic layer deposition system for OLED displays

Process module for LucidaTM GD series

Lucida GS Series

Cluster system for LucidaTM GD series

Lucida GS Series automation

Demo version of LucidaTM GD600

Lucida GS Series automation


  • Barrier layer(Al2O3) for flexible substrate
  • WVTR(water vapor transmission rate) of < 5.0x10-4 g/m2·day (tritiated water test @30nm Al2O3/PEN substrate)
  • Encapsulation layer(Al2O3) for OLED
  • Applications of mass-product


  • High throughput : > 30 panels/hour
  • Substrate size : ≤ 6G (1500 x 1850mm2)


  • Advanced process kit and small volume chamber for short gas cycle times
  • Extremely materialized ALD mechanism
  • Small foot print
  • Totally integrated process module
  • Easy process control

Technical Specifications

Technical Specifications
Model Material Panel Size (mm2) Thickness (nm) Throughput(panel/hour)
LucidaTM GD250 Al2O3 370x470 30 >30@LL + 3ALD + UL
LucidaTMGD450H Al2O3 730x460 30 >30@LL + 3ALD + UL
LucidaTM GD450 Al2O3 730x920 30 >30@LL + 3ALD + UL
LucidaTM GD550Q Al2O3 650x750 30 >30@LL + 3ALD + UL
LucidaTMGD600H Al2O3 1500x925 30 >30@LL + 3ALD + UL
LucidaTMGD600 Al2O3 1500x1850 30 >30@LL + 5ALD + UL
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