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New contract to supply vacuum roll to roll equipment for Graphene


NCD has recently contracted with a Korean customer to supply continuous roll to roll graphene manufacture equipment. This is a brand new vacuum roll to roll equipment enable to process graphene at the low temperature with the innovative graphene deposition technology.

Newly, the introduced equipment is the continuous vacuum roll to roll system enable to deposit graphene on flexible polymer substrates, which is difficult by existing methods, by combining NCD’s original roll to roll equipment technology and new graphene growth technology.

Graphene is two-dimensional hexagonal sp2 bonds of carbon atoms and has excellent physical and electrical properties. Specifically, the physical strength is 200 times more than that of steel and the thermal conductivity is about 10 times more than that of metals such as copper and aluminum, as well as graphene has very high electron mobility because it has 35% lower resistance than that of cupper, and shows anomalous hall effect at room temperature.
The roll to roll graphene films at the low process temperature with high quality are expected to make new application goods and new markets because it could apply to transparent electrodes, secondary batteries, and transparent displays by the various superior characteristics.

NCD has been developing high productive vacuum equipment and technology based on roll to roll and then has obtained numerous patents on creative RTR technologies as the result. NCD will lead the high throughput roll to roll equipment market using own original technology with this starting point and continue to make efforts to become the world’s best company with cutting edge technologies.